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Well, I've been making patchwork quilts for over 5 years and I just can't get enough of them. I have now bought a long arm quilting machine to make those lovely designs and finish quilts professionally. I now want to offer my skills to others.


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Katie's Comforts Quilts and More Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wow, I really was inspired by JAVA this year.  I actually made three coffee themed quilts.  One went to my nephew and his wife when they came for a visit from California.  I just had to send one back with them.

These two are very unique but I really enjoyed making both of them.

I call the one above "Coffee Black".  It is 85 x 71 inches and turned out awesome!

The one below I call "Coffee Talk".  It is 86 x 60 inches.  I loved the sayings on the blocks.  Makes me smile every time I read them.

If you are interested in any of the last 5 quilts.  They are for sale on Kijiji Winnipeg.

Katie's Comforts Quilts and More

This double size quilt was lots fo fun to create.  It is bright and fun...

It is 88 x 73.


An Oriental flavor.  Blues and Browns and simple patches made this quilt truly one of a kind.

It is 92 X 85.

Still more to come.

Katie's Comforts Quilts and More

Its time for me to reduce my stock of completed quilts... Too many in the closet.

Here are 5 that I've completed in the last few months.  I wish I had room to display them all and keep them for myself but I want to make more!.

This one is called "Gear Up".  It would be Great for a boy who loves to bike and would look great on a bedroom wall.  It is 70 x 49.  Perfect for a young boy.